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Table 1 BF, BV, MTT and PS mean values in inflammatory and metastatic axillary nodes

From: Accuracy of computed tomography perfusion in assessing metastatic involvement of enlarged axillary lymph nodes in patients with breast cancer

Parameter Blood flow (milliliters per 100 mg per minute) Blood volume (milliliters per 100 mg) Mean transit time (seconds) Permeability surface (milliliters per 100 mg per minute)
Node Inflammatory Metastatic Inflammatory Metastatic Inflammatory Metastatic Inflammatory Metastatic
Mean value 76.18 161.60 5.81 9.15 6.80 5.50 25.82 25.96
Standard deviation 45.51 88.63 3.61 6.54 2.24 3.98 6.67 16.17
Confidence interval 31.53 40.94 2.50 3.02 1.55 1.84 4.62 7.47
P value <0.05 0.1 0.07 0.84
  1. Mean values, standard deviations (SD) and confidence intervals (CI) of blood flow (BF), blood volume (BV), mean transit time (MTT) and permeability surface (PS) values for metastatic and inflammatory nodes. The p values of the Mann-Whitney U test are reported in the table. The Mann-Whitney U test proved a statistically significant difference between blood flow values of metastatic and inflammatory nodes (p < 0.05). However, the tests did not prove that the differences between the other parameters are statistically significant.