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Table 1 Oncogenes and candidate oncogenes detected by MMTV insertional mutagenesis in mouse mammary tumours

From: Recent translational research: Oncogene discovery by insertional mutagenesis gets a new boost

Gene Gene product Confirmed oncogenicity Evidence for involvement in human breast cancer Reference
Fgf3/int2 Fibroblast growth factor Yes No [22]
Fgf4 Fibroblast growth factor Yes No [23]
Fgf8 Fibroblast growth factor Yes Yes [24]
Fgf10 Fibroblast growth factor Yes Yes [11]
Int-5IInt-H Aromatase Yes Yes [25]
Int6/Eif3e Translation initiation factor 3 subunit Yes No [26]
Int7 Thrombospondin domain containing gene No No [12]
Int-41 Unknown No No [27]
Map3k8/Tpl2 Mitogen-activated protein kinase Yes Yes [28]
Notch1 Receptor/transcription cofactor precursor Yes Yes [29]
Notch4/Int3 Receptor/transcription cofactor precursor Yes No [30]
Wnt/int1 Morphogen Yes No [2]
Wnt3 Morphogen Yes No [31]
Wnt10b Morphogen Yes Yes [32]
  1. MMTV, mouse mammary tumour virus.