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Volume 2 Supplement 2

Symposium Mammographicum 2000

Galactocele in a postmenopausal woman: a case report

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Galactocele is a rare cause of benign breast mass in postmenopausal women. It occurs during pregnancy or lactation. A 54-year-old female, 4 years after the menopause, presented with a complaint of gradually increasing size of right breast over 2 years. On examination, the entire right breast was grossly enlarged with normal skin, nipple and axilla. Mammogram of the right breast revealed homogenous opacity occupying the entire breast with smooth margins and no retraction of tissue or calcification. The appearance suggested a benign lesion-like cyst. Sonography confirmed the presence of a large unilocular cyst with some internal echoes within it and less through transmission. About 2.5 l milkish fluid was aspirated. Biochemical and cytology confirmed the nature of the fluid as milk. Her routine blood, biochemical and endocrinal parameters and other radiological work-up were within normal limits. She has been asymptomatic for the last 4 years. The cause of the lesion remains unknown. This case is being documented in view of an unusual presentation.


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