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Table 3 Summary of FISH, western blot and RT-PCR analysis of LRIG1 in nine breast cancer tumours

From: Increased copy number at 3p14 in breast cancer

Patient no. FISHa Western blotb LRIG1 RT-PCR (T/NN)c
B1 I In 1.45d
B2e I In -
B3e NL E -
B4 NL D 0.85
B5 I In 1.63d
B6 NL E 0.50d
B7 NL In 0.36d
B8 I In 1.13
B9 NL E 1.17
  1. aFISH: I, increased LRIG1 copy number; NL, normal LRIG1 copy number. bWestern blot: comparison of the staining in tumour tissue (T) and non-neoplastic tissue (NN). A visual increase (In)/decrease (D) of at least 50% was considered convincing. E, equal levels of protein. cLRIG1 RT-PCR T/NN; LRIG1 mRNA expression level in neoplastic (T) tissue samples divided by levels in matched non-neoplastic (NN) tissue samples. dAs described in the results, at p.9, ratios >1.2 are regarded as significant overexpression and ratios <0. 8 are regarded as significant underexpression in neoplastic tissue compared to non-neoplastic tissue. Samples were consecutively collected. eTwo tumours did not yield RNA of sufficient quality for the RT-PCR analysis.